Sunday, January 30, 2005

The First Submissions

Since announcing my intention to publish, I've received four (actually five) submissions. The first arrived from Mexico, and I suggested some changes. However, the author decided to withdraw it and to submit a different piece. I liked it better, but I hesitate to make any acceptances this early in the game.

The second arrived from Nova Scotia, an entertaining 55er that's definitely worth considering.

The third arrived from New York. Again I made some suggestions for changes, and the author took the opportunity to do an overhaul, producing a much stronger piece (in my opinion).

The fourth arrived from Australia, enlarging my opportunity for producing a multi-national publication.

When I was formulating my plans, however, I hadn't considered the cost of international mailing. Now it looks as if that may be a factor because 75% of the submissions so far have come from outside the United States!

Meanwhile, I've made an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of submissions, including date of submission, author's mailing address, e-mail address, title of submission, word count, and disposition. I've also modified my guidelines, asking authors to let me know how they heard about my Trial Issue so that I can include that information on my chart as well.

And I've submitted two pieces for publication this week, thereby providing an opportunity to get the word out by including a reference to the Trial Issue in my bio.