Thursday, January 27, 2005

Getting the Word Out

Tonight I took a big step toward starting this quarterly by sending a New Market announcement to two of the Flash groups that I belong to -- FlashXers (a Flash Exercise group that provides three prompts per week as well as feedback on submissions) and Flashshot (the discussion group of writers whose work appears in the daily Flashshot). Each of these groups contains numerous prolific and talented writers of the Flash persuasion, so I probably shouldn't have been surprised when, less than 20 minutes after sending my notification, I received my first submission ... from Mexico! Ain't this a wonderful world?

I also sent a notice to Madpoets (a writing group that organizes and advertises readings throughout the Delaware Valley); they've signed me up for a readng at the Barnes & Noble in Bryn Mawr, PA, on July 7.

And I'll be "lecturing " on Flash Fiction at the Barnes & Noble in Marlton, NJ, on February 14, a presentation that I'm calling "The Joy of Flashing."