Friday, February 25, 2005

1 Acceptance, 2 Releases, 3 Submissions, 4 Almosts

After a complete review of all seven submissions to A Flasher's Dozen, we're proud to announce our very first acceptance:

"Double Jeopardy" by Margaret B. Davidson (Born and raised in England, she now resides in upstate New York)

To help fill the Trial Issue with Trials, we co-editors will each make a contribution:

"A Star in the Witness Box" by Sandra Seamans (A retired farmwife living in upstate Pennsylvania)

"The Accidental Misfortune" by KR Mullin (A hospital-based Tumor Registrar working in South Jersey)

There were four other submissions that we liked almost enough to accept; these we returned to their respective authors with editorial suggestions on how they could win our literary affections. Unfortunately, we released two other selections back to their authors in hopes that they will find other homes. Now we're reviewing our three latest submissions, all from members of, an on-line poetry community. If things go well, we'll soon have our Trial Issue half full!