Sunday, February 20, 2005

A Few More Submissions Arrive

We've received three more submissions this week. A very short piece from Chicago, a piece with a nice, surprise ending from Wales, and a fable from South Jersey. The last two of the pieces are a direct result of my having presented a talk entitled "The Joy of Flashing" at the Barnes & Noble in Marlton, NJ. I distributed a chapbook that I'd put together for the occasion; it included some history and examples of Flash Fiction as well as a list of websites that publish Flash Fiction and, of course, an ad for A Flasher's Dozen. One of the attendees helps administrate, an online poetry community. The author in Wales is a member of that group. Although I liked most of his submission, I asked him if he'd consider some editorial suggestions, and he said, "Yes." So I "critted" his submission and returned it to him.

It will soon be a month since we started receiving submissions, and we only have nine so far! Nevertheless, it's probably time to make decisions on which ones to keep and which to release. The "necessity" of this action is partially motivated by an experience I had this week. I emailed an inquiry about a piece I'd submitted to a journal last November and was informed that, since they hadn't replied within 90 days, I should consider it a rejection. With the simplicity of the e-mail "reply" button, I think that such an attitude is patently unfair to authors, and I won't be sending any more pieces to that publication. I certainly hope that A Flasher's Dozen, if it becomes a quarterly, will be far more author-friendly.