Sunday, March 06, 2005

4 More Submissions, 4 More Acceptances, 4 More Weeks.

During the past week, we've received stories from New York State, British Columbia, and Ontario as well as from someone who included neither a biography nor an address.

Meanwhile, we've accepted four submissions:

E. N. Taylor (Western Australia) thought our editorial suggestions "made a lot of sense" and edited accordingly, so we accepted "The Spear of the Gods."

Karen Martinson (Chicago) changed her title to "Conviction," and we accepted it.

Darren Swift (Wales) "tidied up" his submission, "When More Than Innocence is Lost," and we accepted it.

Will Naylor (Nova Scotia) thought our suggestions were "very reasonable," so we accepted "My Trial Date."

... and that brings our total acceptances to seven with only four weeks remaining until our deadline.

Next step: mock up each accepted submission and send it to the author for final approval. On the back of the mock-up, I plan to include a simple contract:

"My signature below indicates that I have reviewed the printed text of my submission as it will appear in _A Flasher's Dozen_, that I have indicated in ink any changes that should be made before publication, and that I approve the text, as amended, for publication. My signature further guarantees that I am the author of this submission and that I have the right to allow its publication. By my signature, I grant _A Flasher's Dozen_ first serial rights to my submission in exchange for two copies of 'The Trial Issue' with the understanding that all rights to my submission revert to me after publication. If I publish this submission elsewhere, I will cite _A Flasher's Dozen_ as the original publisher."