Sunday, March 13, 2005

One More Acceptance, One More Submission

We accepted “The Bunny and the Hare” from Bruce Niedt (a "beneficent bureaucrat" from South Jersey), and we received one submission from the Main Line (west of Philadelphia, PA).

Otherwise, it’s been a slow week for A Flasher’s Dozen. I took the opportunity to mock up the accepted submissions. The first eight stories currently fill twenty pages; reformatting may be necessary.

So far I’ve promoted A Flasher’s Dozen through two on-line writing groups and have accepted pieces from both groups, but none of these members has yet published a “hooray.” This is disappointing because I expected “hoorays” to generate more submissions. I’ve also had a piece about The Trial Issue published in the quarterly newsletter of Penn Writers, a state-wide writing group in Pennsylvania, and I’ve distributed flyers to three other groups in Pennsylvania as well as two writing groups in New Jersey. This Wednesday I’ll distribute flyers to a third writing group in New Jersey. Nevertheless, most of the submissions and almost half of the acceptances have come from writers outside the United States. Perhaps the problem is that the local groups are composed of writers whose main interest is either poetry or novel-writing whereas Flash Fiction is an art practiced outside the US.