Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Only One Submission This Week

Although we only received one submission this week--or maybe because of that--we’re holding three of our March submissions. Four of the other submissions were returned to their authors with explanations, comments, suggestions, and/or thorough critiques.

The new submission came from South Montrose, PA, but without bio or information about how the author learned about us. An article about us appeared in the latest Penn Writers newsletter, so my guess is that this author learned of our existence from that article. However, I’ve also done quite a few readings in PA, so one of those may have triggered the submission.

In any case, I’m pretty sure that we’ll have enough decent pieces to make The Trial Issue a worthwhile chapbook. The only question is: should I continue publishing A Flasher’s Dozen? Once I start paying the authors*, the number of submissions may increase dramatically. However, if I only accept submissions from subscribers, will submissions be underwhelming?

Well, the debate rages in my mind, but I don’t have to decide until May, so, to paraphrase Scarlet O’Hara, I’ll worry about that next month!

*I’ve been thinking I might pay $10 or $20 per piece, so I’ll probably compromise at $15. That would mean I’d have to sink about $200 into each issue before I even buy the paper or the stamps and envelopes. If a single copy costs $7.50, I’d need at least 26 single-copy subscribers just to pay my authors. On a yearly basis, however, I’d need 40 annual subscriptions (@ $20/year) to cover my author fees. Is that a reasonable expectation? I’ll be giving away over a dozen annual subscriptions to all the authors in The Trial Issue, so that will undercut my potential subscriber base before I’d even start looking. Yikes, editing and publishing is no picnic, is it?