Sunday, March 20, 2005

Our Ninth and Tenth Acceptances

This week we accepted two submissions:

1. “Rewarding Appreciation” by Sharon Poppen, our fifth acceptance from members of the FlashXer list (To join, send a blank email message to Administrator: Irv Pliskin)

2. “Shed Skin and Ashes” by Julie Ann Cook, our third acceptance from members of, a community of 1000 poets and poetry enthusiasts.

We’ve also accepted two pieces from members of the Flashshot list, bringing our total acceptances to ten.

Originally I’d planned to include thirteen to fifteen pieces in each Flasher’s Dozen. But then I thought that, because Flash is shorter than “normal” short stories, maybe A Flasher’s Dozen should only contain eleven pieces. An unexpected factor may force me to move in that shorter direction: so many of the submissions have been in the 900-word range that the final book may be too thick for the stapled, chapbook format I’d originally intended. Apparently an editor must also be a tightrope walker!

This week, we received 5 more submissions -- from Cherry Hill (NJ), Lumberton (NJ), Whittier (CA), Port Moody (BC, Canada), and Marietta (GA), and we released two submissions back to their authors. I felt particularly bad about one of the rejections because the author was quite young, and I hated to discourage her when the problem was not with her writing but with the form of the story. In my rejection letter, I tried to explain the situation, and she was kind enough to write back and thank me. I hope that I'll decide to continue publishing A Flasher's Dozen after The Trial Issue because I expect her to become an excellent writer, and I want to publish her work.