Thursday, April 21, 2005

Filling the Final Two Spots in The Trial Issue

I was in New Orleans last week to attend a work-related conference. When I returned, I had to choose two of the final four submissions to complete The Trial Issue. I chose

“The Smile,” an advertising satire by G. W. Thomas, a widely published author from British Columbia


“Peerless,” a tale of two art critics by Ann Vitale, a Pennsylvania writer who hasn’t previously had any fiction published

Also, I’ve decided to continue publishing A Flasher’s Dozen, and I’m delighted that Sandra Seamans has agreed to continue serving as co-editor. Because the project will continue, each of the fifteen authors in The Trial Issue will receive a complimentary one-year subscription.

If anyone is interested in receiving a copy of The Trial Issue, just send your mailing address to and, if I don’t get overwhelmed with requests, I’ll mail you one when I finish copying, folding, stapling, and trimming it.

I’ll be accepting submissions for the September Issue beginning on June 1, and I’ll publish the new submission guidelines at that time.