Saturday, April 09, 2005

Three Acceptances, One Release, Two Spots to Fill

I’d gotten an e-mail from Eileen D’Angelo. She’s the spark who keeps the Mad Poets group burning brightly in the Delaware Valley. She’d contacted one of the poets whose work will appear in the next issue of Mad Poets Review and learned that he writes Flash Fiction. His name is Randall Brown, and I’d read a fantastic story by him in Ink Pot last year, so I told him about The Trial Issue. He sent us “The Poet Laureate of Potter County,” and we accepted it. It’s about an “award-winning poet” who writes poems on request for his neighbors.

We also accepted two other pieces:

“Braids” by Samuel Weldon, a nice piece about a guy who likes long hair, and
“Passengers” by Larry Kimport, an interesting study of a guy and some of the hitchhikers he picks up.

We sent mock-ups and contracts to all three authors.

Then we released one of the pieces we’d been holding, leaving us with four available pieces and two empty berths in The Trial Issue.

Unfortunately, I’ll be at a work-related conference from the 10th to the 15th, so the final decision will have to be on hold until I get back.