Sunday, April 24, 2005

Titles and Authors in the Summer Issue

by Karen Martinson (Illinois)

When More than Innocence is Lost
by Darren Swift (Wales)

My Trial Date
by William B. Naylor (Nova Scotia)

Double Jeopardy
by Margaret B. Davidson (New York)

The Spear of the Gods
by E. N. Taylor (Australia)

Star Witness
by Sandra Seamans (Pennsylvania)

An Accidental Misfortune
by KR Mullin (New Jersey)

Shed Skin and Ashes
by Julie Ann Cook (South Carolina)

Rewarding Appreciation
by Sharon Poppen (Arizona)

The Bunny and the Hare
by Bruce Niedt (New Jersey)

Braids (for my wife)
by Samuel Weldon (Saskatchewan)

The Poet Laureate of Potter County
by Randall Brown (Pennsylvania)

by Ann Vitale (Pennsylvania)

The Smile
by G. W. Thomas (British Columbia)

by Larry Kimport (New Jersey)