Sunday, May 01, 2005

Summer Issue Authors

Randall Brown lives near Philadelphia. He’s a fiction editor with SmokeLong Quarterly, an MFA candidate at Vermont College, and a recipient of a 2004 Pushcart nomination. Work has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of journals, including The Iconoclast, Ink Pot, The MacGuffin, Timber Creek Review, Mouseion, and Del Sol Review. Electronic samples of his work can be accessed through

Julie Ann Cook is a "Yankee gone southern.” She currently resides in South Carolina with her wonderful husband and beautiful baby boy. While graphic design helps to pay the bills, poetry and painting are her true careers. A member of, her poetry has recently appeared in Thrift Poetic Arts Journal. Her e-designs, poetry, and family photographs can be found at .

Margaret B. Davidson, born and raised in England, now resides in upstate New York. She has over two hundred short stories published in small press print and online magazines. Margaret's husband provides moral support for her writing endeavors while her cat helps with the typing. She may be reached at

Larry Kimport oversees an Alternative Education high school program serving at-risk teens in suburban New Jersey, and he coaches wrestling. He’s married with two children. He belongs to Pennwriters and enjoys writing.

Karen Martinson lives in Chicago with her cats, goes to school by day, and waits tables at night. Although she has several notebooks filled with scribblings, “Conviction” is her first submission ... and her first publication credit.

KR Mullin lives in South Jersey and works fulltime in a hospital. He is a member of Pennwriters, FlashXer, and several internet writer’s groups. His fiction has appeared in Inkburns, Inkspin, Green Tricycle, Literary Potpourri, The First Line, Planet Relish, Long Story Short, and Flashshot: Year One. He is co-editor of A Flasher’s Dozen.

William B. Naylor has been telling stories for most of his life. In the second grade. his flash version of Jack and Jill as well as a when-I-grow-up-I-wanna-be-a composition were posted in the main hall of the school along with the work of the rest of the rocket surgeons. If you want to see more of his work and his yet-to-be-published ‘My Tiny Book of Days’ check out

Bruce Niedt is a "beneficent bureaucrat" and family man from South Jersey who began writing seriously again about six years ago. Since then his work has appeared in Writers Journal, Mad Poets Review, Edison Literary Review, and miller's pond. He won the ByLine Magazine 2003 Short Fiction and Poetry Prize and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. He helps administrate the poetry community at .

Sharon Poppen was fascinated with fiction as a child. She created storylines for neighborhood girls playing Barbies and wrote sequels to her latest book or cinema experience. Retired from the communications industry, she now draws inspiration from the mysterious mountains, flowing Colorado River, and ever-shifting desert sands of Western Arizona. Her novel 'After the War, Before the Peace' is available at, and her western serial 'Hannah' is available at, Her website is .

Sandra Seamans is a retired farmwife who loves to write. Her short fiction has been published in Writers Open Forum, PA Sportsman, Short Stuff, and Christopher Gooch Emystery Ezine. She is co-editor of A Flasher’s Dozen.

Darren Swift is 39 and married with three children. He has traveled the world for 23 years but has recently decided to settle down in Wales. He is currently working on the tenth re-write of a second rate novel which he hopes to get published, sell 10 copies and retire from public life as a semi-success. He is proud to be a contributor to . The rest of his bad writing can be found at .

E. N. Taylor lives in Western Australia. His first novel was published in 2003, and he is currently at work on several others. For more information, you can point and click your way to .

G. W. Thomas lives in British Columbia, Canada. His work has appeared in over 350 books, magazines and ezines including Writer's Digest, Flesh & Blood, and Black October Magazine. He is editor/publisher of RAGE m a c h i n e Books.

Ann Vitale has always been an avid reader and aspired to write fiction. She has written a newspaper series on dog training, a training manual, and she’s ghost written speeches. Fiction, her inner writer screamed. She wrote three books for an educational press. Fiction, the voiced insisted. So, from her farm in Pennsylvania where she is working on a novel, she submitted this, her first published work of fiction.

Samuel Weldon is an old codger from Saskatoon who thrives on the memories of days-gone-by whenever winter hides the future under white drifts. Some of his best work has appeared on Bathroom Stalls and Fast Food Napkins.