Saturday, June 04, 2005

My Birthday Update

June Third is the birthday of Allen Ginsburg, Jefferson Davis, and me. And my wife gave me the perfect present: a toner cartridge for my laser copier so that I can keep producing A Flasher’s Dozen!

A BACKWARD GLANCE: A bouquet of thanks to E. N. Taylor for his kind words about A Flasher’s Dozen at his website ( ).

WHERE WE’RE STANDING: We now have 17 one-year subscribers! And we’ve received seven submissions for The Autumn Issue; only two of these submitting authors appeared in The Trial Issue. Here are The Autumn Issue dates to remember:

7/1 Deadline for Autumn Issue submissions
8/1 Last day for us to accept or release submissions
9/1 Publication of The Autumn Issue

WHAT’S AHEAD: I thought that someday I might consider branching out into the production of single-author chapbooks. At 1:30am Tuesday morning, I decided that the time is now! Therefore, I will serve as the official Guinea Pig by assembling a collection of my Adam-and-Eve stories into a 30-or-so-page chapbook which I will send with The Autumn Issue to everyone who has a one-year subscription (currently 17 people). My co-editor Sandra thinks that she can have a similar set of Buck-and-Irma stories ready to accompany The Winter Issue when it comes out in December.

Any author whose work appears in The Trial Issue or The Autumn Issue may propose a suitable chapbook to be included with The Spring Issue. Proposals for The Spring Chapbook will be accepted after November 1. Here’s my current distribution plan, obviously subject to change if I discover any problems in the process: Each chapbook will bear a $7.50 price marker and will be given away with subscription issues or sold for $5.00 each. Authors will receive $1 for each book that is given away with a subscription issue and $2 for each chapbook sold separately. Authors may also buy copies for $3 each (for 10 or fewer copies) or $2 each (plus bulk postage) when ordering more than 10 copies. Any thoughts about this plan ... or about any other aspect of A Flasher’s Dozen, please drop me a line: