Saturday, July 02, 2005

At The Autumn Issue Deadline

We received 28 submissions for The Autumn Issue, including seven from authors whose work appeared in The Trial Issue. Seven submissions came from PA, three from NJ, two each from Canada, CA, GA, and NY, and one each from Australia, AL, IL MA, MI, NM, OR, SC, TX, and WA. Eight of the submissions arrived during the final week.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to release five of the submissions back to their respective authors; in each case, we explained why we’d decided not to publish the piece and gave suggestions on how we thought it might be improved. One of the submissions that we released from The Trial Issue had been edited and re-submitted to The Autumn Issue, and we're considering it for The Autumn Issue.

We’ve sent out mock-ups to seven of the authors for final approval of their printed texts, and we’ve sent editorial suggestions to three other authors. Some Titles, Authors, and Opening Lines from The Autumn Issue will appear in the next blog.

We currently have twenty one-year subscribers, and each of them will receive not only a copy of The Autumn Issue but also a copy of “Not Quite Your Same Old Eden,” our first attempt at publishing a single-author chapbook of Flash Fiction. We’re also planning a second chapbook to accompany The Winter Issue, making the one-year subscription an excellent bargain, especially if we find chapbook-worthy collections of Flash Fiction for the Spring and Summer Issues. To learn about subscribing, just click on the “Subscriptions and Submissions” entry in the column to the left. And, if you subscribe by August 1, we’ll include a complimentary copy of The Trial Issue at no additional cost. That’s at least seven collections of Flash Fiction, over 90 stories for $15. Unbeatable!

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to KR Mullin at We’ll gladly accept submissions for The Winter Issue as long as you follow the guidelines%