Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Autumn Issue is about to Fall

Because A Flasher’s Dozen is published quarterly, I have applied for an ISSN. It’s like an ISBN, but it’s specifically for “serials” -- publications that appear in a series at regular intervals. And the ISSN has a wonderful advantage over its well-known cousin: it’s available free of charge!

Meanwhile, after playing “word tennis” with most of the authors, we have arrived at mutually agreeable texts for all seventeen pieces planned for The Autumn Issue. Sixteen of the authors have returned their Flasher’s Agreements, noting any last minute adjustments to their texts or bios, and I have taken a “Flasher” photo for The Autumn Cover. So, I’m just waiting for the seventeenth agreement and our official ISSN number in order to publish and mail copies to subscribers.

And the 27 subscribers who have an annual subscription will receive a “bonus” with The Autumn Issue -- a copy of our first “chapbook” entitled “Not Quite Your Same Old Eden,” by KR Mullin -- a collection of nineteen stories about Adam, Eve, Snake ... and Grandmother?!?!

Originally, I thought this collection would be the first in a series of “books” by single authors, but then I realized that I’d need an ISBN number for each one, and, at $40 or more per book, I thought the cost would be prohibitive, especially on top of the copyright fee. Therefore, I’ve decided to launch a second “serial” in conjunction with A Flasher’s Dozen. Each issue of this second quarterly will contain a collection of works by a single author whose work has previously appeared in A Flasher’s Dozen. At the moment, I’m planning to call this quarterly “The Lone Flasher.” Then I’ll only need an ISSN number to make each issue “official.”

I’ve already gotten an agreement from my co-editor to collect some of her delightful Buck & Irma stories for the second Lone Flasher, which will be included with The Winter Issue when it’s sent to annual subscribers in November or December. Although she hasn’t decided on a title for her collection yet, the stories will be similar to the ones that can be found in The Trial Issue and The Autumn Issue.

Back issues of The Lone Flasher will be available for $7.50 each, so, if you think you might enjoy an extra helping of wit each quarter, I’d suggest that you become an annual subscriber to A Flasher’s Dozen for $15 and receive free copies of The Lone Flasher with your subscription. For subscription information, please click on the “Subscriptions & Submissions” entry in the list on the left side of this page.

And, if you’re interested in getting your flash fiction published elsewhere, I’d suggest you subscribe to Pam Castro’s free monthly newsletter, Flash Fiction Flash. All you have to do is send a blank e-mail to for lots of useful information about markets along with lists of places other subscribers have recently been published! This is an invaluable tool for writers who want to get published.