Friday, August 26, 2005

Cover + Contents = The Autumn Issue

Because I wanted to put a photograph on the cover of this issue of A Flasher’s Dozen, I decided that I should have the cover printed professionally. And I decided to get 500 copies on the off chance that I’d be able to distribute most of them. Everything was in place except for the ISSN number.

There’s a terrific section in one of the Hornblower novels where Horatio has to decide when to stop salvaging gold and make his safe getaway. Well, I thought of that episode while I waited for the ISSN number to arrive. Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep waiting either, so I had to print the cover without the number.

I had a similar problem with The Lone Flasher, a collection of my Eden stories which will be sent to annual subscribers with The Autumn Issue. I’d been to an “art in the street” show in July and had seen a piece of artwork relating to the Garden of Eden. It was by an artist whose work we’d purchased in the past, so I asked him if I could use a detail from the print on the cover of Not Quite Your Same Old Eden, and he said that I could. He gave me his address, and I sent him a mock-up of the cover along with A Flasher’s Agreement in early July.I waited for him to return it as long as I could and then found another image for the cover.

Once the covers were at the printers, I began copying the contents and folding the pages. That’s when the copy machine started acting up, and the little red lights went on to indicate that I was rapidly running out of toner, so I had to replace the toner cartridge (over $150). Then I picked up the covers (almost $300). And tomorrow I’ll be sending checks to my authors (over $250). Then the cost of postage and copyright and . . .