Thursday, September 08, 2005

Autumn Issue On Its Way

It took a week to prepare and mail The Autumn Issue to our authors and subscribers as well as the Copyright Office. Copies went to eighteen states, Australia, Canada, Israel, and Wales. And everyone with a 1-year subscription also received a copy of The Lone Flasher containing 19 of my “Not Quite Your Same Old Eden” stories. And here’s what recipients are saying about them:

“This really is a delightful publication. I've read it cover to cover and really enjoyed the stories. Terrific job you're doing. Every tale is a good one.” -- PF

“I received my two books yesterday and I sat down and read both of them cover to cover this morning. My favorite was yours. It tickled me, I laughed, I cried and I was extremely pleased to see something like this done.” -- CC

“By the way, your "Editor's Critique" Rejection letter was one of the best rejections letters I have received. For me, it showed what Flash Fiction was really about. Thank you.” -- ES

Next, I’ll be sending samples of A Flasher’s Dozen to creative writing teachers at schools with MFA programs in Creative Writing to solicit submissions from them and their students.

We’ve already received twelve submissions for The Winter Issue, and I’ve forwarded these (stripped of identifying information) to my co-editor so that we can start discussing them during the next week.