Sunday, December 11, 2005

Banner Week for Our Publications

The week started with promise: John Young conducted an e-nterview with me for the January Issue of Flash Fiction Flash. This will come out after 1/1, however, so it won’t do much to increase submissions for The Spring Issue. So far we’ve only received 15 submissions for that issue, and we’ve already released one of those. Hardly an adequate pool for publishing seventeen pieces, is it? Four of the seven pieces that arrived this week came from previously published authors, and it makes me worry that potential authors will notice the recurrence of author’s names in each issue and think that we’re like those snobbish little cliques that I so greatly despised in high school. Tain’t so, folks! Send us something appropriate, and we’ll add you to our growing list of authors. So far in A Flasher’s Dozen, we’ve published 49 stories by 36 authors from 13 states and 6 places outside the United States.

Also, we received two very welcome documents this week: first was the Certificate of Registration for the Copyright on The Autumn Issue, but, more importantly, we’ve finally received an ISSN number for The Lone Flasher, which means we’ll be able to distribute that publication through bookstores! I immediately wrote to the National Serials Data Program requesting information about the status of A Flasher’s Dozen, for which we’d requested an ISSN almost three months before requesting the Lone Flasher ISSN.