Saturday, January 07, 2006

The First Week of January ROCKS !!!

John Young published a GREAT interview about A Flasher’s Dozen in the January issue of Flash Fiction Flash (To subscribe: send a blank e-mail to His interview opened the door for a number of sparkling opportunities, including an invitation from Mary Rosenblum ( to do a live interview at the Long Ridge Writers Group Website ( on March 9th; I, of course, said yes. Then Mary--who has probably never heard the word “procrastination”--listed AFD on her New Market Updates. And, between those two sources, I’ve suddenly received three new subscribers and four submissions to The Summer Issue--The Spring Issue deadline having passed a few days before Flash Fiction Flash hit the virtual newsstand. Nor did the invitations stop there! I also received an invitation from Kirsty Davies ( to put a Call for Submissions on the writer’s website.

Meanwhile, we haven’t quite finished responding to authors who submitted work for The Spring Issue yet. That process was interrupted because I wanted to get the mock-ups of accepted pieces into the mail for author approval before the postage rates went up. So I sent five out this morning with $.37 on the outside and $.39 on the SASE. As soon as those texts have been approved by their authors, I’ll be publishing the opening paragraphs on the website. Interestingly, all five are subscribers, and they’re from five different states: CA, MI, NJ, NY, and PA.