Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Summer Issue Guidelines and Subscription Information

The Spring Issue of A Flasher’s Dozen has been printed and should be into the mail by March 1st; annual subscribers will also receive The Lone Flasher: “My ‘Flash’ Abecedary” by William Naylor, a collection of 55-ers, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. So now it’s time to start looking forward to The Summer Issue.

Submissions to A Flasher’s Dozen may be fiction or memoir in any genre or combination of genres; they may be cleverly surreal or humorously absurd; they may even be prose poetry. But they MUST contain the basic narrative elements, and they must display some form of wit -- cleverness, paradox, subtlety, irony, epiphany, or even enigmas gift-wrapped in conundrums. And they must contain between 55 and 999 words. No one should submit more than one piece per issue.

Each submission should be pasted into an e-mail and sent to
The Subject Line should read Summer Issue: "Your Story Title".

Deadlines are:
04/1/06 (for the Summer Issue)
07/1/06 (for the Autumn issue)
10/1/06 (for the Winter Issue)
01/1/07 (for the Spring Issue)

Each subscriber whose work is published will receive a check for $15, an extra copy of the issue in which the work appears, and a one-issue subscription extension. Non-subscribers will receive two copies of the issue in which their work appear. An annual subscription is $15 for four issues (plus $8 postage for non-residents of the US). Subscriptions may be paid through PayPal to or by check payable to KR Mullin, PO Box 112, Mantua, NJ 08051-0112. Annual subscriptions to A Flasher’s Dozen also include copies of The Lone Flasher--collections of works by a single author.

Because The Summer Issue will officially be The Fourth Issue, stories about Quarters or Quarter Horses, the Fourth Amendment or the Fourth of July, or even Quartz will be particularly welcome though not required.

Works containing gratuitous violence, prurient sex, or censorable language should be submitted elsewhere.

Authors must include: (1) a mailing address and (2) a brief biography (including website information, if desired) to be published in the issue. Also, non-subscribers must state that they realize they'll only receive two copies of the issue in which their work appears.

Please do not send material that has been submitted or published elsewhere. All rights revert to the author after publication.